22 January 2009

FIBA Africa – Meeting: The Executive Committee will host its 6th Session on 22nd January in Cairo

The Executive Committee of FIBA Africa will host its sixth (6th) Session of 2006 – 2010 Term –Office on Thursday 22nd January 2008 in Cairo, Egypt.
This meeting will be conducted by FIBA Africa’s President, Pr Alain EKRA and attending by secretary General, Dr Alphonse BILE with the other members.
During the meeting, The Executive Committee will have to make proposals and take decisions.
The Executive Committee’s meeting will be followed by the meeting of Presidents and Secretaries General of zone on 23rd January and also by the third Session of Central Board to b held the 25th and 26th January in Cairo, Egypt.

Members of FIBA Africa’s Executive Committee list

1. Alain EKRA : President
2. Alphonse BILE : Secretary Général
3. Adel TOOMA : Assistant Secretary General
4. Abdel Hamid MASSOUD : Treasurer Général
5. Boujemaa Larguet JDAINI : President of technical Commission
6. Raouf MENJOUR : President of Commission of Competitions
7. Fodé Amara CONDE : President Commission of women Basketball and youth

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