26 January 2009

FIBA Africa - FIBA Africa looks forward to bright future

The Central Board of FIBA Africa is currently holding its 4th session of its 2006 – 2010 term of office in Cairo, Egypt. In the presence of FIBA President, Mr. Bob Elphinston, and FIBA Secretary General and IOC Member Mr. Patrick Baumann, it is analyzing the progress made by the organisation in 2008.

While the sport results of its teams at the Olympic Games may not have met the expectations of the Board, members are very satisfied with the growing range of activities and competitions that are being launched and with the increase in participation of African countries in all continental events.
Furthermore, this year's AfroBasket in Libya will also be a financial success and will allow FIBA Africa to consolidate its growth and increase its development efforts.
Egyptian Sport Minister to help establishment of permanent FIBA Africa Headquarters in Cairo

The leaders of FIBA and FIBA Africa met during their stay with the Egyptian Sport Minister, HE Hassan Sakr, to discuss inter alia the possibility of establishing a new, larger headquarters for FIBA Africa in Cairo.

Its current headquarters are in function since 1961 when FIBA Africa was established by the late Dr. Abdel Azim Ashry. Cairo also hosts other continental sports organisations such as the African Football Association.

The Minister indicated the government's readiness to find an appropriate piece of land for the construction of new headquarters, similar to the one already made available to the Egyptian Basketball Federation. He also expressed the wish to host the FIBA Central Board in the near future.
The FIBA Africa Central Board conducted by the President of FIBA Africa, Pr Alain EKRA and the Secretary General, Dr. Alphonse BILE will end today.

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