28 December 2008

EGYPT : 7th place game in Dubai, Itthad Alexanria Vs Jeish Army Damascus

After loosing the quarter Final game from Zien(Jor) by 23 po. (81-58), Itthad will look for the 1st win today when facing Jiesh of Damascus, Itthad reached the quarter final when Chanviel (Leb) didnt show up and the committe considered itthad wining 20-0 according to the rules.Todays game will be very important for itthad players who lost all the game played in Dubai.They will have a very difficult game in cairo facing Gezira on the 31st . However, Egyptian teams couldnt reach the semi -final in the last cuople of years when the rules allowed three imports witch make things very hard for Egyptian teams

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