25 October 2008

UGANDA : Gulu Hawks set for Eagles

By Charles Mutebi

Women, Lugogo
Cubs v Leopards
A1 v Nabisunsa
Men, Gulu
Hawks v Eagles

THE Gulu Hawks face the Miracle Eagles in the MTN-FUBA men's division 1 with every reason to savour their place in the big-time. Having ensured their stay in top flight for at least another season, the Hawks will have the option of taking the time to pinch themselves for a job well done.

The Hawks were promoted from the second division behind the KCC Lions and Crane High and were therefore been favourites to be one of the two sides to the drop at the end of the season.

But the Hawks have proved a tricky customer, exploiting their position as the only club to actually host games (in Gulu). Two of those, against KIU and the Nkumba Marines, sent shock waves through out the league.

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