25 October 2008

SIERRA LEONE : Basketball has dropped' Ali Hijazi

The national coach of basketball in Sierra Leone, Ali Hijazi, has told Awoko Sports that the discipline had dropped to such a level that interested people need to come on board to promote it.
He noted that for the game to take a different phase in the country some companies and private individuals needed to sponsor it.
Ali Hijazi mentioned that it had taken a long time they had not gone out to play international friendlies but that last year they decided to go to Liberia where they played six matches.
“We only won one match out of the six matches and we lost the remaining matches because of lack of international exposure,” he observed.
Coach Hijazi said they had wanted to organize the Mano River Union Game two years ago but the ministry only gave them two million Leones which was not enough.
He mentioned that Sierra Leone had a lot of talented basketball players who needed exposure.
He appealed to participating clubs to take the matches seriously and abide by the rules of the game.
Today's competition will be between Ashonix and Bel-Air and on Thursday, Central Phynix will battle against YMCA

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