25 October 2008

SIERRA LEONE : Basketball competition YSC wins

As the Basketball competition continues over the weekend at the basketball court at the National Stadium YSC continued their winning spree when they defeated their opponent Ashonix by 71-31
In the first quarter, YSC scored 26 points while Ashonix scored 4 points in the second quarter it was 46-4
They were able to maintain the lead in the third quarter with a scored line of 63-8 and the finally quarter YSC won the match with a scored of 71-31 with 40 points margin.
During the match, Osman Jalloh of YSC made the highest point for his side with 25 points while David C of Ashonix made the highest score of 9 for his side
During the match, YSC dominated the match from start to finish in every department to secure their second victory in the league in which there are seven more matches to go .
In the other encounter, Cannon Royals defeated
Central Phynix by 64-48 in a very exciting and thrilling encounter and James Johnson of Cannon Royals made the highest scored of 23 points for his side with Ishmael Bangura made the highest scored for Central Phynix the competition continue this week.

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