27 October 2008


by Tim Ndjiki
During three weeks, about twenty players of city basketball of Port-Gentil, Libreville and Lambarne, who stayed in the boarding school of Joseph Ambouroue High school Avaro (LIAA) reinforced their technical expertise. Some which is pupils will be kept within the club sponsored by Total Gabon, more than ever attached to the notion of sport-school. In addition to the certificates of involvement, some good school stationeries given to them.
The ASSCTG (Social for, Sports and Cultural Association of Total Gabon), in aiming for the title of Champion of Gabon the next season and is preparing its noble and legitimate ambition. It is one of the objectives at by the summer camp of 2008 organized at the Joseph Ambouroue Avaro (LIAA) high school and that knew its epilogue last weekend.
This camp has been organized to improve the technical and physical capacities of players; but also to recruit the best players who will be members of the ASSCTG club for the season 2008-2009.
The new president of this club, Mathurin MENGUE BIBANG who replaced Mr Marc Antoine IGONDJO, is also a former basketball player and ex-president of Gabonese Basket ball Federation (1992-1996); he privileged recruitment of players who attend school.
The new president wishes that all sportsmen of his ASSCTG club have a reassuring future as they while going to school play basketball. Total Gabon that is the main sponsor put all for the school success of these young basketball players of ASSCTG. The president Mathurin MENGUE BIBANG also asked his technical staff to occupy the first ranks in the federal competitions with a fair - play spirit.
At the time of this summer 2008 camp the gymnasium of the ASSCTG, a match gala opposed the selection of the basketball camp to the one of the city of Port-Gentil.The selection of Port-Gentil won the game on the score of 78 to 77. This official reception has been heightened by the presence of Mrs. Sylvie KOTHA, President of the Gabonese Basketball Federation.

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