24 September 2008

RWANDA ;: Club Launches Youth Campaign

by Edwin Musoni

Cercle Sportif de Kigali (CSK) basketball team last Sunday went beyond just playing and launched its very own youth social campaign that aims at giving children and youth hope to play.

The launch took place at SOS Children's Village. During the launch, children residing at the village socialized with CSK members and played basketball with them.
According to the team President, Augustin Mukama, the purpose of the campaign is mainly to enable senior professional basketball players and children to socialize.
He also said that part of the campaign is to have players train children in basketball and also use the opportunity to teach children civic education and awareness in prevention of HIV/Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases.
"This kind of campaign makes children get back hope that they have the right to play; beside that, this campaign also helps in identifying talents in children, and also prepares them mentally so that they effectively learn civic education," said Mukama. He added that CSK will carry out the campaign in several schools and child-headed homes across the country.
The launch was characterized by an exhibition match between SOS youth basketball team and CSK followed by donating of playing kit to the former by CSK management.
After the game, Mukama encouraged children to maintain discipline and work harder in class and also guard themselves against HIV/Aids.
The formula of the campaign will be; one senior player training about four or five children twice a week and then educating them on civic education and prevention of HIV/Aids.
The Director of the SOS Village, Louis Ntabana, lauded the activity and assured CSK that the end results of their campaign would be positive.

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