30 September 2008

LIBYA : Al-Ittihad win Al-Fatah Basketball Tournament for Distinguished Clubs.

After 57/54 victory over Al-Shabab in the final game held at Suliman Al-Zarrat , Al-Ittihad had been crowned the Al-Fatah Tournament for distinguished teams. The game that was run by the referees Mohamed Albraki and Hamid Houmry ended for Al-Ittihad and the results of the quarters came as following .
First quarter, 15/19 for Al-Shabab.
Second quarter, 29/31 for Al-Shabab.
Third quarter, 41/40 for Al-Ittihad.
Fourth quarter, 57/54 for Al-Ittihad. To be mentioned that Ahli of Benghazi had won the third place in the tournament after defeating Al-Nasar 72/64 in the game that was run by the referees Abed Alaziz Al-Maquri, Fouad Brghash, and Ibrahim Abed Allah.

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