04 July 2008

BURKINA FASO : LIGUE DU CENTRE (Ouagadougou), the second tour

The second tour of the competition in Ouagadougou started on the June 18, 2008. after that, we'll which team will pla the semi finals against the 2 best team of the west league (Bobo Dioulasso, ligue des hauts bassins)

June 18, 2008

Yves ARISTE and Ben Sada DABIRE didnt give any chance to the stars of EFO. Ben Sada as point guard (as last year) and Yves played faster; the public enjoyed their combinations and their passes. The stars played well in the first quarter, but they had no bench. Osa hurt himself the last weekend and Eric SALOU (the Stalion) hurt himself during this match (second quarter).
Score: 39-58 for RCK
Best scorer: Ben Sada DABIRE (RCK) with 15 points

June 19, 2008

- ASTY # Kadiogo Bulls
Score: 34-57 for Kadiogo Bulls;
Best scorer: Pel KONE with 18 points

- Faso Warriors # AS-Sonabhy
Score: 29-66 for AS-Sonabhy;
Best scorer: Ren OUEDRAOGO with 11 points

June 21, 2008
- Kadiogo Bulls # Faso Warriors
Score: 39-25 for Kadiogo Bulls,
Best scorer: Isaac PALENFO (Kadiogo Bulls) with 12 points

- AS-Sonabel # EFO
Judickael OUANGO, who was in Italy for studies went back. He played this match with the stars of EFO. This guard was selected in our national team and he played in 1998 against RCI, Ghana and Togo during the Tournoi de la Solidarit in the zone III. He is a good player but without training, he couldnt do anything. At the halftime, the score was 24-25 for the stars. In the third quarter the center Bayala (electricians) was fouled out for 5 fouls. We thought that the stars would do the difference with Judickael who was very offensive in the restrictive area. But since this time, the stars did many fouls and the point guard Stephane ZARE beat Norbert PARKOUDA. The referee fouled him out. It became very hard for the stars. In the fourth quarter, Sam scored two times at two points and Regis after his entry scored his shoot at three points. Without Eric SALOU and Osa NGAKA, the stars lost the match in the fourth quarter. It will be very hard for this team to qualify for the finals.
Score: 51-48 for AS-Sonabel
Best scorer: Ibrahim OUEDRAGO (AS-Sonabel) with 14 points

June 22, 2008
- AS-Sonabhy # ASTY
Score: 55-44 for AS-Sonabhy;
Best scorer: Aboubacar SARA (AS-Sonabhy) and Ludo SIMPORE (ASTY) with 18 points everyone.

June 25, 2008
- EFO # Kadiogo Bulls
Score: 30-60 for Kadiogo Bulls
Best scorer: Cdric CONMBO (Kadiogo Bulls) with 24 points

June 26, 2008
- Warriors # RCK
Score: 38-62 for RCK
Best scorer: Yves ARISTE (RCK) with 13 points

- ASTY # AS-Sonabel
Score: 40-67 for AS-Sonabel
Best scorer: Alain DIASSO (AS-Sonabel) with 16 points

June 28, 2008
Score: 20-00 for RCK

- EFO # AS-Sonabhy
Score: 48-57 for AS-Sonabhy
Best scorer: Aboubacar SARA 33 points

June 29, 2008
- AS-Sonabel # Warriors
Score: 59-41 for AS-Sonabel
Best scorer: Alfred TAPSOBA (AS-Sonabel) with 22 points

July 02, 2008
- ASTY # Warriors
Score: 58-76 for Warriors
Best scorer: Michael BAZIE (ASTY) with 23 points

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