23 June 2008

TUNISIA : Arabian Nations Championships

The city of Nabeul in Northern Tunisia is set to host the Arabian Nations Championships starting October 25th and ending November 5th.
The FTBB (Tunisan Basketball Federation) and the UAB (Union of Arabian Basketball) are going to co-host this event and are currently managing together all the details like the accomodation while ART of Tunisia has the exclusive television rights.

In other news, six boys and girls made the journey to the USA (15th-26th of June) to shapen their basketball skills.
The 12 players are:
Islam Ajmi, Gaieth Nakkaa (CA), Firas Hamden (SN), Achraf Laamiri (USM), Alaa Cherif (CAK), Youssef Mejri (CSHL), Khouloud Meftah, Ichraf Bouterra, Lilia Inoubli (ASFJ Item), Azza Ejri (ESS), Zoubeda Arrami (ST) and Abir Aidi (ASFS).

An U-17 Team is currently in Berlin to compete in an international tournament and coach Wahid Aissa has chosen the follwing players:
Sayeh, Bouselmi (EOGK), Ajmi (CA), Kort, Teneben (SN), Jelassi (JAB), Jouedi (JSK), Zoghlami (CAK), Zouaghi (BCB) , Khlaf (SRS), Bouaouina (CSHS), Bouzou (DSG) and Gaddour (USM.

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