24 June 2008

MAROC : Final Results

Final Results
Despite IRTs management complains, the Moroccan Federation choose Tetouan for hosting the 2008 final. Only 2000 IRTs fans watched the game while 5000 stayed outside the small gymnasium. Never the less, Tangiers crowd has helped and supported his team whenever she needed.
The final was intense and somewhat disappointing concerning the level of play. ASS struggled against IRT 2-3 zone defense, and IRT stars players lacked to shine mainly because of the good ASS men to men defense. Lot of turnovers and a very low shooting range from both teams, explains the low score at the end of regulation time: 52-52. The extratime saw a beautiful duel between Zakaria Mesbahi (ASS) and Tunisian Marouane Kechrid (IRT). Both of them took the responsibility of the game and showed all their talents during the last minutes of the game. Marouane Kechrid was better this time, scoring 15 points in the last 5 minutes of the game. Final score: 71- 68. IRT won his second League Championship.
Finals MVP: Marouane Kechrid (IRT)
Best coach of the year (elected by the Moroccan Basketball Coaches Associaton (AMEB): Nizar Mesbahi (IRT)

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