20 June 2008

CAMEROON : Team Cameroon starts preparations for Athens

President of Cameroonian basketball federation, Chrysogone Noah, announced that national team will start preparations for FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament within the next few days. Namely, Cameroonians should start it on June 10th but it date had to delayed because travel documents for players and staff weren't issued on time. Two Cameroon-based players Serge Elong and Christian could have the biggest problems to show up in Lyon. Namely, the same difficulties abut the visas had some Cameroonian football players in the past. However, president of Cameroonian basketball federation hopes that all necessary papers will be obtained very soon.

Preparation of the Team Cameroon for the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Athens will be held in French city Lyon. The coaching staff decided which 20 players will participate in this project of national team. Coaching staff is strengthen by USA-based coach Lazare Adingono. The biggest problem for Cameroonians for sure is decision of Joakim Noah (211-F/C-85, college: Florida) and Nicolas Batum (201-F-88) to play for France. With these two players Cameroon would have much bigger chances for Beijing. Chrysogone Noah stated that he feels sorry because of their decisions.

'France is able to offer them much better conditions and it is an understandable decision. We have to work very hard in order to improve the professionalism. I am sure when we do it we won't have these kind of problems in the future' - said Chrysogone Noah.

Cameroon is placed in Group D of FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Athens together with Croatia and Puerto Rico. At the opening day of the tournament on July 14th Cameroon will meet Croatia at 19:30h. Their first rival officially started preparations on Monday. Head coach of Croatian national team, Jasmin Repesa, counts the most on some of top European players Marko Popovic, Dalibor Bagaric and Roko Leni Ukic.

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