19 June 2008

BURKINA FASO : The Bulls lead the competition in Ouagadougou

- EFO # Faso Warriors
The first overtime of the season.
The Stars of EFO had many difficulties to beat the young team of the warriors. Before the match, at the warming, the center of EFO, Osagyevo Ngaka hurt himself and was out for 2 weeks; during the match, his team mates, Leopold Bado, Eric Salou, Stephane ZARE and Achille DIENDERE were fouled out for 5 fouls (all the starting five). It was a black day for the Stars! Coach Charles BADO was asking himself to know how to win this match. Fortunately, there was a player, Herman Ouedraogo who, at 5 seconds of the end of the match, took a long three points shoot, scored it, and thrown his team to the overtime. He worked so hard that he won the match.
Score: 55-54 for EFO, best scorer: A. BAKYONO (Faso Warriors), 13 points

- AS-Sonabel # RCK
For the second time consecutively, the Falcons have been stopped.
As every time, AS-Sonabel played so well during the first quarter; the electricians win it by 14-06. Ibrahim Ouedraogo lead his team and scored 8 of the 14 points. The falcons awaked in the second quarter and gave a 06-24 with their center Losseni DRABO, Telesphore SOME, and the point guard Michael MOMO. With 10 points late at the third quarter, everyone thought that the electricians were out. At this time, Norbert Parkouda (-G) and Ibrahim shown the way to their team; they became more offensive. BAYALA scored his points in the zone. The Falcons had many problems with their defence. At the end of the quarter, there were 6 points between the two teams. Score: 34-40 for the Falcons.
The electricians continued to play hard in the fourth quarter. The best scorer of the falcons, Yves ARISTE couldnt have the ball. Coach Achille COULDIATY put his best defenders on him during the second halftime. The Falcons showed us a big problem: anybody didnt want to work for his team mate. So at the end of the match (45-43), coach COULIBALY substituted Yves by Ismael KONE for a three points shoot. He had to work for the overtime. Yves is the best scorer and he gave many fouls to his defenders; he can get some three throws. Ismael didnt score during all the match.
AS-Sonabel won by: 45-43; the best scorer was Ibrahim Ouedraogo, 17 points

June 15, 2008
- Kadiogo Bulls # AS-Sonabhy
It was the match to know which team will lead the competition (ligue du centre, Ouagadougou) after the first part. The bulls won the first, the second and the third quarter (50-39). In the fourth quarter, Aboubacar Sara (-F) begun his show and scored 12 points of the 17 points of his team (56-46); they gave a (06-17) to the bulls but it was late.
Score: 56-46 for the bulls; best scorer: Aboubacar Sara 20 points

by Michel Pacere from africabasket.com

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