19 May 2008

LIBERIA : Pythons Captures LBF 2008 Championship

by Heston M. Jackson II

The Liberia Basketball Federation Championship League ended with Uhuru Kings going down to one of its bitter rivals, the deadly NPA Pythons 78 to 64 points in the total tally of the scores of the game.

The game which was played on Saturday night at the Sports Commission on Broad Street, started with Uhuru Kings leading rival NPA Pythons 22 to 14 points in the 1st quarter of the game, but within a jiffy, Pythons persistently increased her playing chances and reconsolidated to narrowly take the lead in the 2nd-quarter of the match with 38 to 37 points.
Pythons, considering the importance of the game and how they had missed out on Uhuru Kings in the third match of the grand final of best out of five, still led their scoring chances in three points, free throws, layouts, and maintained their lead in the 3rd quarter with 57 to 40.
Later in the final quarter of the game, with 2 minutes and 47 seconds left, some angry fans of Uhuru Kings obstructed the match by throwing cans, glass bottles, water bags and other offensive materials on the floor of the court as the clock was forced to stop thus leaving Pythons in control of the score with 69 to 53.
As a result of the disturbance, the match was brought to a standstill at which time some officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) were forced to intervene and took charge of the security.

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