26 April 2008

NIGERIA : Potters, Peaks in league star game

There are five games in both the Atlantic and Savannah Conferences this weekend in Nigeria but the one in Minna – located 117km north west of the Federal Capital City of Abuja - between the Potters and Peaks surely stands out as the game of the weekend even though the managers of the teams are not sticking out their necks to make direct predictions. The Potters coach Adamu told FIBA that he can only expertly predict is a very good match.

“Scores is a difficult one to count in games and a particular one like this. I usually leave such until after the game. I don’t know what the final result will look like but I can say we have prepared very well for this match and this season indeed. As a matter of fact I am just leaving the court if that will underline our work rate. “I know both teams are doing well so it will surely be a good game to watch by any standard. We’ll play well and hope to get the result,” Adamu said yesterday.

Both teams go into the Saturday game with clean sheets. Peaks have won all three matches at home and away while Potters have taken the two games played so far in Minna and Bauchi. So one of the two teams must then lose today while the other continues with the one hundred percent stats. Both teams have been consistent in the past seasons with Peaks playing the FIBA Africa Champions League play offs in 2006 played in Lagos, Nigeria and Potters finishing fifth in Angola last year. The two teams also parade some players who have featured for the national sides at different levels which add up to the class of this match up.

By Pius Ayinor

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