20 April 2008

EGYPT : Ahly - Gezira game was canceled for Ahlys fans aggression

The referees was forced to cancel the game last night between Ahly -Gezira. The game score was 56-48 for Gezira with 8 min remaining to the end. The referees called a technical foul on Sherif El dayasty Ahly player for throwing the ball after the call. Ahly bench didn't accept the call so they ran into the court and got another technical foul .Ahly fans couldn't accept the situation so they started shouting and throwing everything they have in the court .The referees warned ahly coach more than one time before canceling the game but no one could stop Ahly fans aggression. Everyone is expecting that the Egyptian Federation should take some actions to stop violence in basketball courts.

from africabasket.com

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