21 March 2008

UGANDA : Basketball Season Starts April 11

by Charles Mutebi

NATIONAL basketball league players will have to work on being more clinical as the 24-second clock rule comes into effect in the new season that starts on April 11.
FUBA president Ambrose Tashobya revealed in an interview in which he underlined the body's plans to step up standard of the domestic league.
"We shall use the 24-second clock to limit time wastage and increase offensive activity in our matches," Tashobya explained.
The rule is presently applied in professional leagues like the American NBA.
The rule stipulates that the team with the ball has to ensure that it touches their opponent's board or ream before 24 seconds or they forfeit it to them.
It will be enforced only in games held at the Lugogo indoor stadium as the alternative venue at YMCA presents logistical problems as far safeguarding the clock is concerned.
Tashobya further explained that the rule is meant to target teams that kill off minutes to protect their lead normally towards the end of the game.
The president outlined other ventures the body has undertaken.
"We have already held coaching and referees clinics," Tashobya said.
Meanwhile, the technical committee has set March 23 as the deadline for player and team registration.

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