23 March 2008

EGYPT : Super League Finals starts next Saturday

Super league finals starts on saturday. Itthad finished the 22nd round on the top with 3 defeats, Gezira came second with 4 defeats , Sporting and Zamalek came 3rd and 4th with 5 defeats ,Ahly came 5th with 6 defeats while Somouha was the last team who went to the finals. Itthad,Gezira,Sporting,Zamlek seems having the same chances to win the league while history adds Ahly to the competition. Ahly was hurt by the the club board decision not allowing the team to import a player but Ashraf Tawfeek is the type of coaches that never gave up easily. Somuha almost have no chances to win the league but they will hurt big teams at their home court.Derrick Franklin was the best import so far he is helping Itthad and getting better everyday.

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