28 March 2008

CAPE VERDE : Seven-Stars defeats ABC 71 to 67

Seven-Stars defeated ABC 71 to 67 in the game that finished the 7th week of play in Santiago South regional championship of basketball. As usual, the game was played at the V
ava Duarte Pavilion Duarte, with a good crowd on hand to assist.

Seven Stars began with strong pressure against ABC, forcing them to commit successive offensive and defensive errors.
Seven took good advantage of the momentum to close the first period with an advantage of 10 points.
ABC was able to shake the pressure in the second period, reducing the advantage by 4 points with the score at half time 36 - 32.
ABC took the lead, for the first and last time, at the beginning of the 3rd period, but it didn't last long, as Seven went back to their original game plan, and finished
the quarter with a 9 point advantage.
In the final period of the dramatic game, Seven was able to secure a small lead of four points (71-67), to grab their first victory over ABC, in the present season.
Aquiles Semedo, captain of ABC, says that 'the game was well disputed and that Seven Stars had a just win.'
Antonio Tavares, captain of the Seven Stars, said that his team demonstrated that it has conditions to conquer the Santiago South championship.
With this result Seven Stars and ABC have the same points, but ABC continues at the top, fruit of two victories against Seven.
In the first game, Predio defeated Achada Grande 68 to 47.
In the next round of play for the Regional Championship of Basketball in Santiago: Seven Stars x Achada Grande and Predio x ABC.

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