05 February 2008

SOUTH AFRICA : Basketball SA- Questions about corporate governance?

Even before Eskom started it's load shedding many basketball players will tell you that basketball has been without power for the last decade. Since the Basketball SA and the department of Sport met last year to discuss the status of basketball we have not had an update from either of the parties.

I understand that at the meeting held last year it was decided that the President was supposed to call a meeting to discuss the finances & the constitution before the end of 2007. It seems that the meeting still hasn't been called to this day.

Corporate Governance issues around why an excutive comittee meeting was not called for a year was also discussed The only executive meeting that was held by Basketball SA last year was a special meeting to approve the National team and the costs of going to Afrobasket.

The last council meeting was in November 2006 since then there hasn't been an AGM, Manco meeting & council meeting. Two weeks ago I received an email with the Wheelchair Basketball Calendar for the whole year. I still haven't seen a Basketball SA calendar for this year.

Amatuer basketball in SA needs a strong motherbody in order for the sport to grow and I worry that we are not making enough progress in adminsitration. I tried to contact the President of Basketball SA, the Vice-President of Provinces and both phones were off. I hope that one day we can do an interview with them to get the comment on these issues I've raised.

Things are not looking too positive for the professional basketball league as well as most companies are putting money into 2010 or just not interested.

With the lack of activity happening in amatuer basketball it seems like there is no positive news on finding a new professional basketball league sponsor.

There was talk of a potential sponsor a few weeks ago but the deal with this sponsor doesn't look like it's going to be finalised any time soon.

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