29 January 2008

CAPE VERDE : Santiago South Championship

The Santiago South Basketball Championships finally started this weekend. With all the problems facing the Regional Association in organizing this year's championship,
they still managed to get it going. The championship will include 7 different age level, Cadets, Junior, and Senior, both men and women.

The teams that entered the 2008 season are:

U14 (M) - Órgaos, Amor de Deus, Predio, and ABC.
U16 (M) - Bairro, Amor de Deus, Órgaos, ABC, and EBS.
U18 (M) - ABC, Achada Grande, Bairro, and EBS.
U20 (M) - Seven, ABC, EBS, and Bairro.
Senior (M) - Seven, ABC, Achada Grande, and Predio.
U14 (W) - Órgaos, ABC, Amor de Deus.
Senior (W) - Seven, Bairro, ABC, Órgaos.

The cadets and juniors began play last weekend at the Vava Duarte Pavillion.
In the first round of plays, (U14) - Amor de Deus beat Órgaos, 31-29; ABC beat Predio, 23-6.
(U18) - Achada Grande lost to ABC, 30-56, and Bairro beat EBS, 38-36.

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