16 December 2007

TANZANIA : BD Seeks Views On RBA

Basketball Dar es Salaam (BD) today meets all clubs featuring in the regional basketball league (RBA).

BD managing director Mbaga Mwamboma said yesterday that the meeting will discuss the development of the RBA league and review the stage so far reached.

"There are lots of things on which BD wishes to share ideas with the clubs,' he said, noting that their contribution would help the association improve the running of the league.

Mbaga cited the poor start of some leading sides in the league, asserting that this was caused by poor preparations and changes of venue.

"Several times the venues were changed and because of disturbances, while players tired as they played on grounds that have poor standard," he said.

The ladies version of the Kili RBA previously scheduled to start today has been postponed to December 22, he said.

The tournament was postponed as Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) officials were upcountry and they unable to attend the kick off, he said.

Kilimanjaro premium lager operative Oscar Shelukindo, the brand manager, was not in the city and the tournament couldn't start without his being present, he further noted.

JKT Stars are defending champions in the Kili RBA league. Other sides in the women league are Jeshi Stars, PTW Stars, Don Bosco Lionesses, Cargo Ladies, Police Dar es Salaam and CMTU.

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