27 December 2007

KENYA : Maseno's Otula Targets KBF's Chairmanship

Philip Onyango

Maseno Principal Paul Otula will vie for the post of national chairman during the Kenya Basketball Federation's elections on January 12.

Otula, who unsuccessfully vied for the same seat during the last elections, losing by a vote, says he wants the Government to ensure the elections are free and fair.

"It was very sad that some of us who were interested in taking the game to the next level were locked out during the last polls when some delegates had their mobile phones and identity cards confiscated, and where the incumbents insisted on the infamous show of hands instead of the secret ballots, a move which made several delegates shy away," Otula, who is also the coach of Maseno School, said.

Otula is the third candidate to declare his interest in the chairmanship after Henry Shihemi and International Christian Centre official Faustin Mghendi.

Agina Wasonga, the current chairman, will not defend his seat at the elections which are expected to be very competitive.

Branch elections

According to KBF secretary Henry Shihemi, branches are supposed to hold their elections on January 5 to select candidates for the national elections.
Meanwhile, national women's basketball coach Thomas "Smarts" Olumbo is appealing to clubs to take advantage of this transfer period to recruit youthful players who will then be injected into the national team for future assignments.

Olumbo said it was sad that some coaches were waiting for other clubs to nature talent before they recruit the players.

"There is a lot of talent among the youth which must first of all be identified then nurtured for Kenya basketball to move to the next level", Olumbo, who is also the Eagle Wings coach, said.

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