13 December 2007


After a long period of rest the basket ball Gabonese takes with assemblies of clubs, leagues and the last in date are the assembly plain and extraordinary of the Basketball Federation Gabonese (FEGABAB), presided by Mrs. Sylvie KOTHA.
Of big innovation in our basket for this season 2007-2008: The creation of the elite national championship. Composed of 8 clubs, teams are going all to meet in chosen three sites: Libreville, Port-Gentil and Moanda. Teams are going to move all weekends according to a calendar of meetings, matches will be played to go return of it, the first of this championship will be declared champion of Gabon in 2008. The last two teams of the elite Championship will be retrogressed in their leagues. A phase to go up in elite championship will be played between the best teams of every league
Championships of leagues affiliated members are played simultaneously.
February 2, 2008, it is the date foreseen for the launching of the elite National Championship that will regroup 8 clubs:
League of the High Ogooue, 1 team (MANGA BASKET); League of the estuary 3 teams (SOMO B - TOUNGUI BB - AOBB); League of the Maritime Ogooue, 4 teams (STADE MANDJI - CAS 1987 - ASOM - ASCTG).
It is a project that has been approved by the majority the present delegates to the assembly of the 08 to December 09, 2007 to the seat of the FEGABAB. He has been necessary to nine hours of clock to arrive some there. Certain delegate one expressed their scepticism on the financial means, on the notebook of load, on the calendar of the competition, notably the president of the league of the estuary (Aime ENGONE), the representative of TOUNGUI BB (the colonel Flavien MOUSSAVOU) and the president of LAR (Eric MICKALA).
The ministerial Office of the Federation explained extensively favours them of this new formula on the organization of the first Division championship named " elite " National Championship; The chairwoman Sylvie KOTHA explained that this project answers to waiting of leaders of clubs and the ministry, it is a formula that increases the number of meetings, it is a manner to popularize the Gabonese basketball; it also permits to unload to leagues the organization of the first Division championship. She also reassured delegates of the adherence of the ministry of sport and the Olympic committee and sponsors, and the hold in charge of the aerial transport lasting all the championship…
The presence of the new president of the Olympic Committee (Leon FOLQUET), the president of Karate Do (Me Paterne DICKA), heightened this assembly plain of the FEGABAB.
We recall you that in the old formula, Leagues organized the first phase and the FEGABAB organized the second phase or final phase.
1st STADE MANDJI (Ogooue Maritime)
2nd MANGA BASKET (High Ogooue)
3rd AOBB (Estuary)
4th CAS 1987 (Ogooue Maritime)
5th BLACK STARS (Estuary)
6th LA REUSSITE (Estuary)
SOMO B and TOUNGUI BB retired of the competition
Ordering of the CUP Federal «DAVID NZOUBOU «Masculine of MOANDA
1st SOMO B (Estuary)
2nd STADE MANDJI (Ogooue Maritime)
3rd MANGA BASKET (High Ogooue) Forfeit at half final
5th CAS 1987 (Ogooue Maritime)
6th ASOM (Ogooue Maritime)
7th ENGONG (Woleu Ntem)
LIBAMA and USTM Forfeit (High Ogooue)

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