18 June 2007

GABON : Cup - SOMO B takes back its first National trophy named " TROPHY DAVID NZOUBOU " at men.

The club of the president NGALIBIKA JB has just had another national trophy; indeed after ladies the 27/05/2007, boys of SOMO B dominated STADE MANDJI yesterday (the holder of the retiring trophy), 17/06/2007, at the time of the final of the national cup named " trophy DAVID NZOUBOU "; MANDJI STADIUM having taken back the semi final the Saturday 16/06/07 against MANGA BASKET by forfeit, this last doesn't spread presented.
Gymnasium Omni-sport President BONGO was not full as at the time of the big derbies; but actors of this meeting presented us of a pleasant spectacle. The coach ALLOGHO Servais and her colts of SOMO B were extensively to the over of their adversary of the day.
The meeting was directed by the best referees of Gabon, the first referee nominee by the CFAMC was the referee FIBA MAVOUNGOU BAYONNE; the meeting was played without incidents; of the first period at fourth, STADE MANDJI never rejoined SOMO B, the MVP of the final Cedric BEKALE atomized six shootings to three points what destabilized the team of the city of Port-Gentil; The young Roland OWOULA, NYOUNDOU Edwin and Cedric BEKALE not marked more than 80% of the of the team of SOMO B; In spite of the offensive retorts and defensives of Francis KOBANGOYE and MASRABES, the MVP of the season last OTOMO OSOKONDA Doudou passed completely next to the meeting. The result during all quarters time explains the debacle of STADE MANDJI;
Score 1st quarter times SOMO B 18 STADE MANDJI 17; 2nd quarter times SOMO B 19 STADE MANDJI 18; 3rd quarter times SOMO B 32 STADE MANDJI 17 and 4th quarter times SOMO B 19 STADE MANDJI 24; SOMO B of Libreville takes back the meeting on the score of 88 to 76.

Better defender: CAMPAGNI (TOUNGUI BB) 28 rebounds; 5 counter
Better scorer : GANAZOUI Apollinaire (TOUNGUI BB) 21,25 pts /game
Better player: BEKALE Cedric (SOMO B) 24 Pts, 5 assists
The strength of SOMO B:
4-BEKALE Cedric; 5-MYTOULOU Dennis; 6-OWOULA Roland; 7-ADEMBA Stephane; 8-KWELLENG Samuel; 9-EYENET Davies; 10 - MBADINGA Ulrich; 11-MASSOUSSA Roland; 12-OBAME DIAWARA; 13-EYO'O ABESSOLO; 14-NYOUNDOU Edwin; 15 - MUTOMBO Bebina
Coach: ALLOGHO Servais; Associate Coach: ONIANE Jean Christophe
The strength of STADE MANDJI:
4-ENGONE NZET Rodrigue; 5 - OTOMO OSOKONDA Doudou; 6-OMBOULA J; 7-MBOUROU William; 8-IBANGO Daddy SAMBA; 9-ABESSOLO Silver; 10 - MOUANDZA Max; 11-MASRABE Johd; 12-KOBANGOYE Francis; 13-NZE NOMENGOYE Ulrich; 14-NGONTSI J; 15 - OLAGO OMBANGO Darlyse.
Coach: ONANGA MBOUROU Martial; Associate Coach: BOUANGA Thierry

Commissioner: TIM NDJIKI
1st referee: M. MAVOUNGOU BAYONNE Guy Roger
2nd referee: M. BANZOUZI
3rd referee: M. GONDJOUT Didier Michel
Scorer: Mrs ESSIA Sandra

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