13 June 2007

BURKINA FASO : The realism of the falcons

AS-Sonabhy # RCK
The petroliers needed a victory to be sure to play the finals! But the falcons are today the best team in the capital! Coach Bagahouinisse Dah started faster with Aboubacar Sara (-F), Hamed Fabre (-G), Celestin Bagahouinisse Dah , Omar BILA and Hassane SAWADOGO; first foul and the first point for Celestin! But Ben Sada DABIRE (RCK) wanted a victory; his second shoot is in. With Telesphore SOME, Achille, Ismaël KONE and Namory Kone, he developed a collective game against petroliers as they can't defend! Score at half time: 14-34!
The third quarter started as the first; some substitutions (Cyrille Tapsoba , Emmanuelle PODA) for the petroliers and the game became more interested! AS-Sonabhy played better and was reducing the score!
At the fourth quarter, the game became very hard; face to face, Cyrille, Hamed, Emmanuel for the petroliers, and Ben Sada, Namory, Ismaël for the falcons! The level reise up! Namory have 4 fouls; Ismaël and Ben are out for injuries! Cyrille plays well; he reduce the score (6 points late); Ismaël is on the ground again. The falcons don't break down! Namory works for his team! 2mn 56! The petroliers take bad choices; Hassane is too individual! 41s, three points shoot for Cyrille; 49-55; time out! With a good defence, the petroliers steal balls but they lose too many seconds to take shoots! End of the game
The young player of the junior team Emmanuel PODA for his first match in senior league played very well!
Cyrille Tapsoba, after some problems is again on the playground; he can do the difference as point guard in his team;
Final Score: 49-57 FOR THE FALCONS. Best scorer: Namory Kone and Ismael KONE (falcons) with 17 points

AS-Sonabel # RCK
After their defeat against Kadiogo Bulls, the electricians know that the way to the finals were closed for them; for this match, they work hard to show that they were able to win against all the teams; for the first time, the falcons after their big match against the petroliers, were not so good (or perhaps, the electricians are the big team as everybody think at the beginning of the championship)! For the first time (in this competition) the falcons lost the second and the third quarter. Norbert Parkouda (-G) (PG, electrician) drove his team very well in offence and defence! At the half time score was: 33-33! The third quarter: 51-49 for the electricians!
Namory Kone, Ismaël KONE, Telesphore SOME were the players who win the match for RCK at the fourth quarter. One time again, substitutions have been the big problem with these electricians. Roland Bassindja lost some important balls in the money time;
Some thing is sure: electricians will not play the finals; but, they can be a big problem if they play like that against AS-Sonabhy; a new defeat for the petroliers before their match Kadiogo Bulls and they also say goodbye to the finals!
Final score: 62-67 for the falcons; best scorer: Ismaël KONE: 24 pts (6 shoots at 3 points)

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