29 May 2007

UGANDA : Hosts Spoil Inter Cities Tournament

HOSTS of the Africa Zone 5 Inter City Championship-Nairobi have tarnished their image by using underhand methods to get positive results. Other teams from Tanzania and Uganda 's Kampala are crying foul over the biased officiating and harsh treatment.

On Thursday night, Ronnie Owino, the Nairobi Basketball Association (NBA) chairman let the cat out of the bag when he stormed the court, abused referees and chased all the table officials for 'favouring' Dar es Salaam men's team at the expense of Nairobi.

Dar es Salaam was leading 46-35 towards the climax of third quarter before Owino 'intervened' and made a mess of the whole event. With the biased and intimidated officials, Nairobi got the better of the last quarter and won the game 65-58.

Besides, the home teams were adding players onto their lists at will, despite tournament regulations to use only 12. "It's only Uganda where visitors are treated with empathy but don't expect anything like that here," Kampala head coach Nimrod Kaboha warned his players after seeing them struggle to beat Nairobi Combined amid unfair refereeing.

Kampala also easily saw-off Dar es Salaam Friday evening, to go through the preliminaries unbeaten.


Dar 46 Kampala 96
Nairobi 65 Dar 58

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