30 May 2007

NIGERIA : Delta Force Whip AHIP Ladies

Zenith League

The final circuit of the Zenith Bank female league continued at the National Stadium, Lagos yesterday with four games as in other fixtures. In the first match, Delta Force lived up to the bookmakers rating by defeating AHIP of Kano but hardly did any expert know that the result would be a blow out of 96-56. In the first two days in Lagos, most of the matches had been well contested with the point’s margin not so wide.
The Customs continued a fight for the fourth position when the league rounds off on Saturday with a 59-47 defeat over the Immigration team. With the result, it means the Immigration ladies are yet to win any game out of 17 matches so far played in the series.
At noon today, second placed Dolphins will take on Immigration in the first match of the day. The match is as good as won for Dolphins except that the total points will definitely be difficult to predict. First Bank will step out against AHIP in the second game of the day at 1.30pm. For bookmakers, the Elephant Girls will most likely win the match.
And as the ladies play their league series, the junior national men’s team have commenced their training programme in Lagos as earlier announced by the team managers. The players who are in an open camp, except for those that reside outside Lagos, train in the mornings before the league matches start at noon.
“We have 16 players in camp now; just two of them are not here for now. This last before the final phase in June that will feature essentially the team for the FIBA Championship,” Adeka Daudu, the coach of the team told THISDAY.
Only 15 of the players will train in June before embarking on the flight to Serbia for the FIBA U19 Men’s Championship.

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