31 May 2007

DR CONGO : Leopards currently in preperations for major events

The DR of Congo national team is currently practicing in Kinshasa for the All Africa Games in Algeria in July and the African Championships in Angola in August. To strengthen the team , the national coaches invited Loo Djo Yele (-F/C) (South Africa) , Yohan Lukendu (France) , Pierrot Mwamba Ilunga (200-F) (Angola) ,Celo Lifetu Selengue (202-C-75) (Angola) and Jim Tshimpaka Kadima (-C) (Congo Brazzaville) to the national team.
Other players that were included are Eyenga Christian , Docta Lukusa Mutombo (-81) , Tatu Mbowa Kalengayi (-80) , Isasi Ndelo , Mohamed Ntumba (-85) , Ndala Mutombo, Eric Kibonge, Alain Nzadi, Michael Musangu and Junior Kasongo.
This wont be the strongest team that the country could field in such an event, as there are by far more players abroad which could change significantly the look of the team if invited then the ones named.

By Kristian Santiago

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