24 May 2007

BURKINA FASO : Bulls: on the way to be the best team

Kadiogo Bulls # AS-Sonabhy (Bulls: on the way to be the best team?)
What a match!
AS-Sonabhy has the best offence and Kadiogo Bulls the best defence! It was sure that we'll have a big match!
Two different defences: zone 2-1-2 for the petroliers and individual for the bulls; the ball moved very fast from one defence to another! The bulls are very strong with Mamadou Sawadogo (-C) and Isaac Palenfo (-C) in the restricted area! Coach DAH decided to speed up the game! He was right! The first team to break was the bulls! With a zone defence 2-1-2, the center Mamadou Sawadogo had difficult to get the ball; with Aboubacar Sara (-F) (PG), Cyrille Tapsoba (-F) (PG), Hamed FABRE (G) and Assane SAWADOGO (G), the option to move faster and have one on one position make AS-Sonabhy win the third quarter (14-24)! The fourth quarter awaked the bulls; they decided to press very high and gave 8-0 in two minutes with 2 three points for Cedric CONOMBO (SG, BULLS)! Some wrong substitutions by coach DAH gave chance to the bulls to come back and winthe match; what a pity! The final score: 66-59 for the bulls; best scorer is Isaac Palenfo (Bulls, 16 points)! The come back of the international player Achille BARRY (F, Bulls, 15 pts), gave many options to the coach Aboubacar DABIRE! This player with experience showed that he can always do the difference when needed!
Isaac Palenfo is the best scorer

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