22 March 2007

NIGERIA : Lagos Pay Winning Teams

By Pius Ayinor

The organisers of the Lagos City League, the Lagos State Basketball Association (LSSBA) on Tuesday paid out cash prizes to the victorious teams of the 2005 season. The teams got their trophies at the competition venue but could take home their prizes as the association pleaded lack of sponsorship but promised to get the cash value as soon as funds were available. The redemption was carried out at the Rowe Park Sports Centre in Yaba by the LSSBA team led by their Chairman Babs Ogunade.
"As we conduct this brief ceremony we still do not have sponsors for the league but we must not fail to say thank you to corporate bodies and individuals who have identified with us in one way or the other. We doing our best to market the league and do believe that soon sponsorship will become a reality," Ogunade said.
"With five of the national Premier League teams based in Lagos, we cannot fold our arms until we find sponsors. We have a good product and we have very good teams and we can only add value to the game of basketball in Nigeria by keeping this league going." Comets, Lagos Islanders, Customs, Dodan Warriors and Union Bank are all based in Lagos with Delta Force of Asaba being the only Atlantic Conference team based outside of Lagos.
Some of the teams that collected their cash were First Bank who won the female category and Kenny's Bullets.
The Lagos City League which is playing in the third season began last Saturday for the current season. The matches which hold by weekends at the National Stadium, Lagos also feature three games on Wednesdays starting at 2.00pm. Union Bank, Dodan Warriors and Comets have won all their games so far. The high point of this weekend game will be the match between Dodan Warriors and Union Bank on Sunday.

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