20 March 2007

NIGERIA : Comets, Warriors Take Lead

By Pius Ayinor

Comets, Dodan Warriors and Union Bank won two straight games by the weekend as the 2007 season of the Lagos State Basketball League took the jump ball at the National Stadium, Lagos. All three teams have the maximum six points and are only separated by goals differences. But while the three big teams have gone up two games each it is a different story for Lagos Islanders who lost both matches played to drop down the table. The league which is playing in its second season began on Saturday with 12 male clubs competing.
On opening day the Comets defeated Kadetts 52-24 and then followed up with a win over Raptors with scores at 72-39. Dodan Warriors, which defeated Police Bombers 71-58 and Lagos Islanders 53-41 in the last match of Sunday, played tougher opponents. And like Warriors Union Bank defeated Police Bombers and Islanders 57-43 and 63-54 respectively to amass six points.
In some other games Bullets defeated Sea Rovers 59-29 while Chariots beat Raptors 79-36 on Saturday. The Warriors Academy team cut the Whales 67-55 in the opening match of the season.
The Lagos league is producing quite some sparks as many of the players and teams are actually part of the national Premier League. The Comets, Islanders and Union Bank are in the national league while the Police Bombers featured in that top league some years back. There are also some former Premier League players scattered amongst the teams.
Tomorrow Lagos Islanders will battle Warriors Academy in the first midweek game. Two other games would follow. The matches hold on Wednesdays and by the weekend. The Lagos league is billed to end in the month of May with a play off.

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