27 March 2007

KENYA : National Premier League throws off next month

It will back to business as usual as the 2007 Kenya national premier league throws off next month in three venues.
For the first time in its 20 year history a team from Kisumu will take part in the top league and they are two teams in both the men and women category.
Kisumu Lakeside (men) and Kisumu Lakers (women) are all set as are the rest of the team when the games start in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu. Nakuru will be
sadly missed.
Rift Valley were dealt a severe blow when it became official that Nakuru Club will not take part in the year's league slated to throw off on April 14.
The only club from the Province has not been drawn in this seasons first leg fixtures released this week by KBF chairman Agina Wesonga. This effectively rules the
team out of action.
There were hopes that some well wishers would come on board to bail the club out of their current financial predicament, but it seems nothing positive hascome out just as yet.
Nakuru Club was kicked out of the league mid stream during last year's games for failure to clear their participation dues dating back to 2005.
KBF have promoted three teams namely Kisumu Lakeside, Java Warriors and Strathmore University to the top league making the number to ten.

The women's league last week suffered a blow when Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture Technology (Jkuat) announced their withdrawal from the top echeleon.
The students announced their pull out and said they still want to be active and would now join the Nairobi Basketball Association (NBA) Provincial league starting April 21.
The league starts off with a total of nine matches in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu with national champions Ulinzi Warriors and Telkom being in action.
The soldiers will meet University of Nairobi Terroroists while Telkom play Sprite Storms at Nyayo National Stadium on April 15.
Opening the season will be a lower division match between Mennonites and Don Bosco at 10 am.
Later in the day, last year's Play Off finalists Co-operative Bank of Kenya entertain regional champions KCB Lions.
In Mombasa, former women champions Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) host UoN "Dynamites" while the first ever Premier League match to be played in Kisumu pits
home side against Java Warriors, a team they beat for the Division One title.
Debutants Catholic Dream Team (CDT) have a date with Yana Milele, who finished fourth while KPA men make a return after a year's break with a match against
Langata Crusaders in Division One.

April 14- Mennonites v NPC, Don Bosco v Blazers, Yana v CDT, Telkom v Jkuat, Co-op v KCB Lions, Lakeside v Java (Kisumu), KPA v Uon Dynamites, KPA
v Langata Cruasaders.
April 15: Lomboritz v Blazers, Mennonites v Don Bosco, Telkom v Sprite Storms, Ulinzi v UoN Terrorists.
April 21- Telkom v NPC, Yana v UON Dynamites, Java v Strathmore, KCB v ICC.
April 22- Telkom v Lomboritz, Sprite Storms v UoN Dynamites, Jkuat v Langata Crusaders, Co-op v UoN Terrortists.
April 28- NPC v KPA, CDT v Kisumu Lakers, Terrorists v ICC, Telkom v KPA, Ulinzi v Lakeside.
April 29- Don Bosco v Langata Cruasaders, Blazers v KPA, Yana v Kisumu Lakers, Strathmore v Kisumu Lakeside.
May 5- Jkuat v Lomboritz, Telkom v Mennonites, CDT v Sptire Storms, UoN Dynamites v Telkom, KCB v Java, Kisumu Lakerside v Co-op (Kisumu).
May- 6 Blazers v Langata Crusaders, ANU v NPC, Java v ICC, Strathmore v Ulinzi.
May-12 Jkuat v Don Bosco, Lomboritz v Mennonites, CDT v UoN Dynamites, ICC v Co-op.KPA v Sprite Storms (Mombasa), KPA v ANU.
May 13- Blazers v Telkom, NPC v Lomboritz, USIU v Telkom, Java v Ulinzi, UoN Terrorists v Usiu.
May 19- ANU v Crusaders, Jkuat v Mennonites, Storms v Yana, Strathmore v Co-op.
May 20- Lomboritz v Don Bosco, CDT v KPA, Telkom v Kisumu Lakers, KU Piraites v UoN Terrorists, KCB v Kisumu Lakerside.
May 26- Telkom v KPA, Storms v Kisumu Lakers, USIU v KPA, ICC v Kisumu, Lakeside, Ulinzi v USIU.
May 27- Telkom v KPA, Storms v Kisumu Lakers, USIU v KPA, ICC v Kisumu Lakeside, Ulinzi v USIU.

Dann O'Were

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