26 March 2007

BOTSWANA : Flames vs. Spartans

After a 2 hour wait for our game to begin we finally got under way against the Spartans (#3 ranked team coming in). We had played the Spartans once in the regular season and were outmatched by their experience. This time we knew we could win and came out strong. We usually start games flat so it was nice to see the club up for the game. Shortly into the first quarter we lost Matt when he tore something in his right knee. His presence was missed in the post as the Spartans’ big men out rebounded us throughout the game. In the 2nd and 3rd quarters we allowed the Spartans to dictate a slower tempo of play and we fell behind by 15 points. Chino carried our team during this time and didn’t allow the deficit to become too large. In the 4th we began to run again with Mmoloki in charge of bringing up the ball. We closed the margin to 6 points but that would be as close as we would come.

The loss was hard to take but we made the point that Ghetto will be competitive in this Gaborone dominated league. Props to the BBA for pulling things together and organizing the Top 8 Tournament.

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