23 January 2007

ZIMBABWE : Londoner Hawks Take On Bitter Rivals Raiderz

LONDONER Hawks team manager Gilchrist Mageza is confident that his side will come out victorious when they take on bitter rivals Raiderz in a Harare Basketball League match today.

All the league matches for today -- including the B and Women's League -- are scheduled for the City Sports Centre where they will use the indoor court and two outside courts.

Mageza believes that they will recover from last week's 70-46 defeat at the hands of University of Zimbabwe old boys -- Varsity Leopards -- to collect maximum points.
"There is no doubt that tomorrow's (today's) game is going to be a tough one but we have a surprise for them and I am sure we are going to win the game.
Everyone knows that we are going into the game as underdogs but my word to them is that they should not under estimate us.
As underdogs we do not have anything to lose but at the same time we want to make sure that we improve our game to come out with something," said Mageza.
Raiderz could prove a handful for Hawks as they have only suffered one defeat in seven games and they will be banking on the in form Shenje brothers.
Norest and Duncan Shenje last week played a crucial role in the destruction of hapless Gentlemen's Association with the help of Erinos Katsaruware, Costa Mashati and Mernard Masawi.


A-League: Mbare Bulls v Gentlemen's Association, South Central v Kingdom Cavaliers, Varsity Leopards v Stormers, Raiderz v Londoner Hawks, Mbare Bulls v JBC, Gentlemen's Association v Kingdom Cavaliers, Faithwear Jammers v Raiderz.
B-League: Richwood v Drifters, Golden Spurs v Sigauke, Trinity v Richwood, Crocodiles v Highfield Assassins, Panthers v Nuggets, Golden Spurs v Blades, Raiderz v Londoner Hawks, Pistons v Galacticalz.

Women: Raiderz v Londoner Hawks, Varsity Leopards v Stormers.

Pistons v Ducumus A, Golden Spurs v Blades, Panthers v JBC, Stanbic Mavericks v Highfield Assassins.

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