18 January 2007

LIBERIA : "Settle LE Leadership Fray"

The team Manager of the Invincible Eleven (IE) basketball team, Mr. Emmanuel Taylor has called on board members of the Invincible Eleven Majesty Club (IE) to put to rest the existing leadership scuffle at the association.

Mr. Taylor said, "the act of one group calling for the removal of Mr. Ben Martin, who he said was single handedly appointed by the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Willie Russell, while another group maintained that he (Mr. Ben Martin) remain in office, is not healthy for the growth of the club and if not attended to will sooner or later undermine the focus of the club."

Speaking to the INQUIRER recently in the capital, the IE Sports official frowned on the way the current leadership of the association is being run and so called on the club's Board to put in place the proper mechanism that would enable others who are interested in spear heading the club to contest.

According to him, when ever people are being single handedly appointed by the club's Board, it creates a suspicion that causes dissatisfied members of the club to protest, adding that when the opportunity is being afforded to interested people to contest, everybody in that light will fully partake in electing a new leadership.He further commented that the Board of the club should have appointed an interim leadership who will then stir the affairs of the club until an election is being held among members and officials of the club to have a legitimate leadership.

Mr. Taylor added that IE is one of the oldest clubs in the country and so it shouldn't be struggling with leadership scuffle but should rather be contemplating on the challenges that lie ahead so as to better the talents of those young people who have committed themselves to the club.

He however challenged the IE leadership to concentrate on the great task that is ahead of them so as to have a transformed IE and to also satisfy the club's many fans who had always been there whether good times or bad times.

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