23 October 2006

UGANDA : UCU gains promotion to Yello Max conference

KCC Lions 90 Berkeley 45
UCU Mukono 77 Heaters 63

Former Falcons player Robert Mubiru put up a good individual display, scoring a game high 33 points for Makerere Youth Heaters but his team still lost to UCU Mukono in game three of the Yellow Go Conference semi-final play-offs.

Heaters looked the better team in first quarter winning 18-16 but UCU hit back in the second scoring 27-11 and sealed the game in third quarter with a 23-18 advantage.
Mubiru troubled the UCU defence in the last quarter but his efforts only produced 11 points as the opponents amassed 16. Robert Mugabe's 22 points steered UCU to victory.

Elsewhere, second division outfit KCC Lions also defeated Berkeley 90-45 and secured a place in Yellow Go next season.

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