25 June 2006


By Julius Mbaraga

ESPOIR is seated at the top of the national basketball league standings following an 88-86 triumph over UNR on Sunday.

Playing away from home, the Rafiki outfits were kept under pressure until the very end when they eventually managed to walk away with maximum points after a two-point lead.
The victory pushed them to the top, two points ahead of APR who gave away two points to Basketball United Generation after failing to show-up at the playing ground.
The APR coach, Cliff Owuor, disappointedly said that the club had received no official communication from the basketball federation about any league fixtures.
“Honestly, we were not told anything from the federation. All I heard was from one of my players telling me that he had overheard people saying that APR had a game over the weekend. I was told Friday evening,” Owuor noted.
Elsewhere, UNR also bagged free points following KIE’s failure to show-up at the ground.

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