14 June 2006

GAMBIA : Jatto Vows to Assist Wallidan Basketball Teams

By Nanama Keita

Jatto Ceesay, a Gambian professional player, who plies his route in the Cyprus first division league, has pledged to assist Wallidan basketball teams (male and female teams) with training shoes as part of his contribution to the club.

Jatto Ceesay, one of the best Gambian overseas players, made this pledge during the victory celebration party, organised by the teams' social club in honour of the players last Friday

Jatto, who himself was honoured on the day, said he will, upon his return to Cyprus, get the players of the teams with training shoes. The pledge was received with a great joy by both the officials and players of the team, as evidence in a round up of applause from them.

Jatto Ceesay, who is currently in the country for a season break, was a player with Wallidan football club before going a professional player ten years ago. He featured in big clubs in Belgium and Holland before heading for Cyprus. For the past ten years, he has been the pillar of the Gambian senior team. His absence in The Gambia's second leg game against Senegal in 2003 African Cup qualifiers, to the belief of many fans, contributed to The Gambia's defeat in the hands of her counterparts.

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