21 April 2006

ZIMBABWE: BUZ under fire

By Paul Munyuki

THE Basketball Union of Zimbabwe has come under fire for changing the format for the national championships this year.

BUZ announced that four teams from Harare and the top team from Bulawayo will have automatic qualification for the quarter-finals. This will leave the other 13 teams fighting for the remaining three places for the quarter-finals. The playoff for the other three quarter-final slot would be played at three centres in Mutare, Gweru and Bulawayo. Normally all teams have to compete for a place in the quarter-finals. Now most of the club and provincial representatives want BUZ to go back to the drawing board and change the format. "How can there be five teams getting automatic qualification for the quarter-finals and giving the last three slots to more than 10 clubs? "The only team that could have got an automatic slot for the quarters is Cameo who are the defending champions," said one official from Bulawayo. In the HBA league games this weekend, Cameo need to beat Faithwear Jammers to clinch the league title for the fourth successive title. Fixtures A-League: Gentlemen’s Association v Kambuzuma All Stars, UZ Stars v Kingdom Cavaliers, Maxifix Pross v Celtics, Varsity Leopards v Mufakose Hawks, Jewels v Mbare Bulls, South Central v Golden Spurs, Celtics v Kambuzuma All Stars, Jewels v South Central, Faithwear Jammers v Cameo. B-League: Richwood v Stormers, Drifters v Sigauke, Richwood v Mufakose Hawks, Stormers v Airforce Falcons. Women: Varsity Leopards v Mufakose Hawks, Varsity Leopards v UZ Stars.

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