20 April 2006

RWANDA: APR wins build up match

APR basketball club renewed their confidence when they walloped Basketball United Generation 90-76 in their build up match for the East, Central and Southern African basketball club championships slated to kick off this Friday in Nairobi, Kenya.

Right before the game, the military side had a point to prove to the Rwandan crowd. Playing at Camp Kigali, APR played with superb rhythm and aggression.
“They (BUG) are a good side. They are young and focused and getting a victory over them is no minor achievement,” the Kenyan tactician Owour observed.
“The team (APR) is in good shape and I am glad that our new signings have coped up well with the rest of the squad,” he continued.
The army side and UNR leave tomorrow for Nairobi tournament in the men and ladies category respectively.

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