22 April 2006

LIBERIA: Who Qualifies For LBF Playoff?

The Liberia Basketball Federation (LBF) National championship league has completed its first phase and the question of who sails through to the next round of the competition has been asked in many quarters.

Now with the completion on Sunday, April 16 at the Sports Commission to end the speculation, the local basketball house has released the names of the qualified teams in the various divisions for the next round, which many basketball lovers consider to be the most crucial stage of the competition.

With only four teams from the various divisions -- LPRC-Oilers, NPA-Pythons, Uhuru Kings and Invincible Eleven (I.E) -- as the luckier ones for the first division, leaving Flames, Venture Knights, Mighty Barrolle and Busdrod Bulls quest for the race to come to an end.

T-Chons, Sacbase, Filp Stars and Dreams-I managed to secure the second division slot over Supreme Brother, Don Bosco Legend and Uhuru Prince.

The introduction of third division basketball in the LBF calendar was no mistake as the sixteen teams showed class with eight securing places for the most crucial stage of the LBF playoff.

They include Wild Cats, Edinah Panthers, St. Paul Crushers and Heats. The rest are Commissioners, Urban Invaders, Deviers and George Raptors.

The qualifications of these eight teams dashed the hopes of Dream Team-II, Cardinals. Island Calves, Piston Magic, B. Celtics, B. Snipers, Cestor Mogars and Road Runners.

The female division that was highly contested by six teams saw four booking their places.

Current female champions K-Deltas that began the competition on a bad footing appeared to be set to defend her title when she finished first on the six teams table.

The Deltas is joined by Phoenix, Angle Shooter and Commission in completing the list for the female category.
Meanwhile the local basketball house says the playoff will begin on Friday, April 22, at the Sports Commission on Broad Street.

In a feature release, third side Wild Cats will meet Edinah Panthers in the first game; in the second division Sacbase will engage Dream Team while NPA-Pythons and Uhuru Kings will come face to face in the day's last action.

The competition will continue on Saturday and Sunday at the same venue.

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