22 April 2006

LIBERIA: LBF Coaching Course Rescheduled

A weeklong international national coaching course for coaches of the Liberia Basketball Federation (LBF) has taken a new date.

According to the Secretary General of the Liberia Basketball Federation (LBF) Fred Pratt, the change in date is due to the change in arrival of the course expert Mr. Selon Janet in the country.

Mr. Pratt said the Mr. Selon Janet was due in the country on Sunday, April 23, but had some plight program.

He also said because of the change in the date the course will now commence on Wednesday, April 26, at which time the expert will be in the country. The course was earlier scheduled for Monday, April 24.

The local basketball house chief noted that it is mandatory that all coaches attend this workshop as this will assist coaches improve on the development of the game.
The LBF is also requesting that clubs should send only two coaches each to attend this all importance workshop and a minimum free of LD$150.00 will be charged as registration per person.

"Please be informed that only coaches who attend the workshop will be allowed to participate in the 2006/2007 league," the release said.

"As you are aware, lot of changes has been made in the rules of the game; this is why it is necessary that you attend," he concluded.

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