23 April 2006

15th ANC U18 FOR MEN

The calendars for the preliminaries qualify for the 15th Africa Nations Championship U18 for Men is established according to the following schedule.

It is necessary to notice that the first of each preliminary round games will be qualified for the final round where they will play against South Africa (Organising country) and the first four of the last edition comprised of Nigeria, Angola, Mali and Algeria.

Zone 1

Organising country : Libya (03 – 05 July 2006)

Participants : Morocco, Libya

Zone 2

Organising country : Guinea Conakry (20 - 27 May 2006)

Participants : Senegal, Guinea, Mauritania, Cape Verde

Zone 3:

Organising country : Niger (20 - 28 May 2006)

Participants : Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina, Niger, Liberia, Ghana

Zone 4:

Organising country : Congo Brazzaville

Participants : Centrafrique, RD Congo, Congo Brazzaville

Zone 5:

Organising country : Burundi (20 – 27 May 2006)

Participants : Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda

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