20 February 2006

ZIMBABWE: Same results

Results from 11 February
Sigauke(20)x Pistons (0) B
Air Force Falcons(49)x (39)City Wolves B
Cameo(68)x (21)Golden Spurs A
Mbare Bulls(64)x (57)Faith Wear Jammers A
Richwood(48)x (50)Crocodiles B
Kingdom Cavaliers(56)x (42)Nyamidzi Blazers B
Jewels(47)x (39)U.Z Stars A
Mufakose Hawks(20)x (0)Black Rhinos A
Celtics(77) v(56)Gentlemen’s Association A

I have started a celtics blog www.celticshotspot.blogspot.com an i put in a chat for people to come doring games an talk about whats goin on. An also for people to come in the chat anytime to talk about what needs to be done. SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!
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