07 February 2006

ZIMBABWE : Harare Basketball Association

By Paul Munyuki
CASH strapped Harare Basketball Association have said
that they may only send junior teams to the
interprovincial tournament set for Midlands at the end
of the month if they fail to raise enough funds for
all the teams.
This was revealed at the recent meeting that was held
at the weekend and in a bid to raise enough funds for
all the four teams, HBA secretary general Taka Mubako
said that they would suspend clubs that owes the
“Failure to raise sufficient funds may result in
sending only junior teams or teams which the
management of the HBA feels will best represent us at
the interprovincials,” said Mubako.
Mubako added that any team that does not pay at least
half ($5 million) of the affiliation fees by tomorrow
would be suspended from the league.
It was also agreed that teams that would not have paid
the $5 million by tomorrow would not play any league
games until the February 23.
And if the club fails to pay the due monies by the
23rd, then they would be suspended from the league and
if they are to rejoin, they would have to go through
all the formalities like a new club.
The team would be expected to apply but would only
join the league next season with any team
automatically forfeiting their place in the respective
This would also mean that if the Aleague teams fail to
pay, they would find themselves in the lower divisions
and would have to fight for their place in the more
prestigious ALeague.
“Any team will not play if their player registration
forms are not in by Thursday February 9 and if they
have not paid at least half of the fees required for
the season by Thursday February 9th.
“All games between February 9 and February 23rd will
be forfeited.
“After Thursday any team with outstanding balances
will be removed from the league and will have to apply
to rejoin the league next season with any ALeague team
automatically forfeiting their place in that league.
“It is insulting and disappointing that some teams
have not paid anything and any player in a provincial
team will be eliminated owing to their club's poor
standing if balances are not cleared by the 23rd,”
said Mubako.
At the same meeting, it also appeared that most of the
clubs had not registered some of their players with
the association.
Teams in the women’s league have been playing few
games owing to the few clubs that are affiliated and
the HBA are trying to come up with a mechanism that
would see them play more games including tournaments
and friendlies to maintain competitiveness.
Rutendo Makanda and Addie Gondoza were coopted into
the HBA executive committee and this was due to the
inability of the HBA executive to have raise quorum.

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