15 February 2006

MAURICIUS: The 2006 Charity Cup

This Sunday took place the annual Mauritius Basket - Ball Federation Charity Cup in view of helping the needy children in Mauritius. This year, the match propsed was
the Real of Port - Louis, currently champions, against the current vice champions, the Mahebourg Flippers Basket - Ball Club. Though it was a charity match, the two teams really wanted to win this but most of all, to test their new players as the transfer season is now over and also, to please the public that came for the match.
The Flippers made a good start by leading the match on an 11 - 2 run under the impulsion of their new center, Ghansham Heerah that was transfer from the Real, and the powerful forward, Ronnie Nagloo. But in the 2nd quarter, the Real of Ghislain Fanny got back into the game, and won the 2nd quarter with a 4 point lead.
In the 3rd Quarter, the 2 teams took the lead one at a time and the match was really interesting to watch. Finally, in the last quarter, with 6 minutes left to play, the Real, with their great experience of such games and their better preparation (as they are preparing themselves for the CCCOI), push on the a accelerator to win the game on tye final score of 80 to 59.
Yet another victory for the Real over its closest opponent and this match prove that this year, the championship will be very much more interesting with the different transfers that took place this year. Before this match, the Roche - Bois Warriors made it through to the 1st Division by beating the New Generation Barkly
on the score of 52 to 51. The Barkly will play in the 2nd Division this year.

Below is a list of the different transfer for this year:

Arrival- Giani Grenade, Gino Grenade, Benjamin Bangard, Yannick Etiennette, Clarel Adam.
Departure - Ghansham Heerah, Gary Driver

Arrival - Ghansham Heerah, Gary Driver
Departure - Oliver Oh seng

Arrival - Jason Grenade, Gino Manick
Departure - Benjamin Bangard

Arrival - Kenny Nagloo
DEparture - Clarel Adam

Arrival - 2 comorians
Departure - Giani Grenade, Jason Grenade

For the WOmen, only the Hoop have made some transaction:
Arrival - Karina Vencatasamy, Christelle

So these are a few of the transaction that took place this summer

Keep in touch with africa basket and we'll let you know about the latest update in Mauritius basket - ball. Till then, chow chow!!!

Pascal Prayag
I love this game!!!

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