14 February 2006

LIBERIA: IE Crushes Pythons in LBF League

Despite its continued struggle for logistical support and the lack of attention for the players' welfare, the Invincible Eleven basketball squad continues to put out some good performances in the ongoing Liberia Basketball Federation national league.
The "Yellow Boys" on last Saturday defeated one of the nations best playing team, NPA Pythons 65-53 in a match that was characterized by complete action from start to end.
The game was full of excitements with NPA, which is noted for its tricky and stylish playing, demonstrating some fine basketball tricks to the pleasure of their numerous fans and to the frustration of the Yellow Boys.
Though the deadly NPA Pythons highly performed and dominated the match, a shocking result in the fourth quarter of the match completely frustrated their efforts.
The match that saw Pythons dominating the first, second and third quarters brought spectators to a standstill moment until the Yellow Boys stole the match in the last minutes of the fourth quarter to take the surprising win.
Isaac Sarmu was considered the man of the match for the Yellow Boys while Mark Smith and other Pythons players got their nightmare when they could not see their way through.
Meanwhile, the Invincible Eleven and the Red Boys of Mighty Barrolle on last night clashed in another LBF league match but the score did not reach us until bedtime.

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