20 January 2006

ZIMBABWE: Harare Basketball by Paul Munyuki

HARARE Basketball Association League side Faithwear Jammers are facing a mammoth task ahead of them this afternoon when they take on Maxifix Pross.
The game is scheduled for Mabvuku courts and Faithwaer Jammers – who have been singing the blues of late – would have to win the game are they to remain among the top sides in the league.
Jammers have been facing steep competition in the league and are ninth in the league after only managing eight wins and six loses out of the 15 outings so far.
This, among a few others, would be the Ghetto Champions first game in the second half as they did not have any game last weekend.
But Pross is no longer one of the teams to underestimate as they have been causing major upsets since their defeat at the hands of the lowly army side Black Rhinos.
Since then hey have managed four victories overs some of the big teams with Jewels as their latest victim.
Last weekend they defeated the Addison Chiware coached side 3935 and before then they had dismissed Highdon Raiderz and Mufakose Hawks.
On the other hand, Jammers would like to avenge for the defeat they suffered at the hands of Pross in the last week of the first half of the season.
Pross will be basing their attack and defence on height while the Tendai Zhakata coached side would have to do with their running game.
Zhakata said that they would have to do the best they can so that they would not have to suffer another defeat to Pross.
“We are going to ploay our usual game and we will try as much as we can so that we will hold our own.
“Last week we did not havea a game and knowing that we would play them the next weekend (today) we were just watching and studying their play so I guess we learnt something and we are going to put it in practice,” said Zhakata.
Meanwhile the HBA will hold their January clubsmeeting today at Bluechip at 9.30am.
Amoung and top of the agenda will be the issue of interprovincial tournament preparations, fixtures and their halfyear financial update.
It is also at this meeting that the clubs who have any outstanding dues are expected to pay as this would also be the deadline for the payment.
A-League: South Central v Mufakose Hawks, Pross v Faithwear Jammers, Golden Spurs v Jewels, Celtics v Mbare Bulls, Gentlemen’s Association v Highdon Raiderz, Black Rhinos v Kingdom Cavaliers.
B-League: Stormers v City Wolves, Pistons v Snipers, Richwood v Airforce Falcons, Crocodiles v Nuggets.
Women: Crocodiles v Highdon Raiderz, Black Rhinos v Kingdom Cavaliers.

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